Why Automate Your Roll Shutters?

Thanks to our full line of quality motors and controls, you can control light and shade at the touch of a button. When sun shading, privacy, or security is not required, your motorized roll shutter can be retracted completely out of sight. Whether you choose standard switches or the convenience of automatic controls, the possibilities and options are endless.

The roll shutters can even think for themselves. For example, sun sensors or timers will automatically lower the roll shutters as the sun becomes brighter but retract them when no longer needed. With our automated controls, you will use your roll shutters more efficiently.

A Completed Range of Automatic Control Options Are Available:

  • Sun Sensors
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Programmable Timers
  • Digital Keypads
  • Integration into Home Automation Systems
  • Alpha Neo App – Connects to Your Wi-Fi Network
  • Alpha Solar Operated Motors

Each sensor or Control provides its own set of unique benefits. Radio remote controls allow you to raise or lower your roll shutter with the same convenience as you operate your television or home automation systems. Programmable timers allow control based on time of day. Alpha Solar Motor Systems operate without the need for AC power and will continue usual operation in case of power failure. All of our controls can be utilized in single or multiplex applications.

Roll Shutter Systems is a direct distributor of Alpha Motors and Controls