Roll Shutter Systems Frequently Asked Questions about Roll Shutter Systems

Why should we choose Roll Shutter Systems over other companies who sell roll shutters?
For several reasons. RSS is the Southwest’s largest manufacturer and the only manufacturer in Arizona. When you purchase rolling shutters from RSS, you can be confident in knowing that you are dealing directly with the manufacturer and not a middle man. RSS also has our own factory-trained installers, electricians, and service technicians. We do not use sub-contractors as many of the other companies do. We control every aspect of the process, from the original sale, right through manufacturing and installation.
RSS stresses its quality products, how are they different than any other roll shutter? Don’t all roll shutters look similar?
Most rolling shutters do look very similar but, as we have told our customers for years “Don’t stop at the appearance, it’s the quality inside that counts”. Our commitment to quality is what sets RSS apart from other companies. Starting with our quality people, who are the backbone of our company, to our continual pursuit of the highest quality products in the industry. We are proud to be family owned and operated, with three generations now working within the company. We refuse to settle for second best. Our roll shutters are only made with aircraft-grade aluminum alloys, polyester powder coat finish, and CFC free polyurethane foam insulation. Many imported products have considerably lighter Aluminum wall thicknesses and are enamel painted which tends to chalk and fade in the harsh Arizona sun.
We understand that RSS manufactures all of their products here in Arizona, how does this affect me as a consumer?
By being the only manufacturer in Arizona, this affords our customers access to our large inventory of quality products and shorter lead times. No waiting for materials to be shipped from out of state. With the completion of our 15,000 square foot, state of the art manufacturing plant and showroom, RSS has the capacity needed for our streamlined production and fabrication areas. Roll Shutter Systems has invested heavily in automated fabrication and roll forming equipment. These computer-controlled machines have increased our production by over 60% and ensures accurate precision, every time. With our expanded manufacturing capabilities, RSS manufactures quality materials for a large nationwide dealer network as well. Materials are shipped as either completed units or as full-length components.
I am interested in the motorized roll shutters, what control options are available?
There are many unique control options available today. Some of the more popular controls are the Radio Remote systems. The receiver is built right into the motor, eliminating the need for a separate receiver box. Control options include handheld transmitters, on-wall transmitters, timers, sun/wind sensors, etc. These radio systems also give you the option of operating the roll shutters individually and as a group. The programming options are endless, having the ability to operate the roll shutters in subgroups and master groups is also a convenient option. RSS is a direct distributor for Nice, Electro, Simu, and Somfy motors and controls. No matter your lifestyle, RSS can design and install the perfect automated control system for any budget.
Do most people install motorized or manual roll shutters?
In 2010, 83% of the units we manufactured were motorized. This is mainly due to our philosophy of selling motorized units and the change in window fashions. Our policy has always been that RSS is in the roll shutter business, not the motor business. We make our margins on the product itself and add motorization with a small markup. Many companies markup the motors 150% to 300% but, sell very little. As a direct distributor for several motor manufacturers, we offer all our clients an affordable option with motorization. As window fashions have changed, so has the increased use of motorized roll shutters. More and more families are opting for interior blinds and shades versus draperies. As draperies would hide the manual strap and crank box, many people do not want to see the manual control should they have blinds. Convenience is also a factor. This is another reason why motorization is so popular.
We would like to visit your facility, prior to setting up an in home estimate. Is that possible?
Yes and we encourage customers to come to see what we are about. You are invited to visit our showroom and manufacturing facility at your convenience. Many customers have commented that seeing the manufacturing process was a great experience and gave them comfort in choosing the right product. We have had many customers go to other companies who sell roll shutters and then come to RSS. Many are amazed at the differences they see and acknowledge that RSS has the quality to back up its claims. Builders and Architects are typical visitors for product information, blueprint takeoff, and wiring schematics on new construction projects. We can also supply you with color samples and any technical information needed.