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Sun Control Roll Shutters

Exterior Sun Control Shutters are the ultimate shading solution for your home, allowing you to block out heat and direct sunlight, creating a cool and shaded indoor space within your home.

Tastefully and discreetly installed on the exterior of your property, sun control shutters can be completely or partially lowered over your windows and glass doors to block out unwanted sunlight and protect you and your home from the heat of the sun.  Fully closed these shutters also provide superior security, privacy, and excellent insulation.

As well as dramatically reducing the temperature in your home during those hot summer months, the shutters actively protect your home’s furnishings and flooring, shielding them from harsh and damaging UV rays which can cause discoloration and fading.  Keeping your home cool and protected with sun control shutters saves you money - significantly reducing the cost of your energy bills, and keeping your home furnishings newer for longer.

Easy to operate from inside your home, the shutters can be quickly lowered to prevent sun glare on your television or laptop, without you even having to leave the couch.  In-fact, with the shutters unique built-in ventilation feature you can control sunlight and air circulation throughout your entire house with the convenient touch of a button.

These shutters are the perfect addition to your home, providing protection from the sun and heat, as well as keeping your home private and secure.

And you can be totally confident in Roll Shutter Systems’ products and service, which are of the highest quality!  All Roll Shutter Systems’ products are custom-built from the finest materials available today.  Made of extruded roll-formed aluminium and available in decorator colors, these quality shutters add beauty and value to your home or business.

Technology, innovation, experience, selection, and personalized service sets Roll Shutter Systems apart and makes us the leading manufacturer and supplier of roll shutters and components.

We invite you to visit our factory and showroom. “You’ll be glad you did.”