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Roller Shields

Get the protection you need for your home today with the installation of roller shields by Roll Shutter Systems.  With 35 years in the business Roller Shutter Systems’ bring unparalleled expertise and experience to every job, ensuring that you gain complete peace of mind with a shutter system that will keep you and your home safe and secure, year round.

Whether you are concerned about costly repairs from weather damage, or vandalism and break-ins, roller shields are the answer.  Easy to operate and complementary to your home’s style and design, the shutters quietly lower at the touch of a button to secure your home and protect it from high winds, hail, and the harsh UV rays of the Arizona sun.  The roller shields are also the ultimate choice for securing your home from vandalism and burglary.  A highly effective deterrent, the profiles lock-down over your windows and doors so no intruders can get in.

And the benefits don’t end there, roller shields save you money, actively lowering your energy bills in the winter and the summer.  On hot sunny days the roller shields can be lowered to reduce glare on your electronics and TV screens, and protect your furnishings from the harsh UV rays.  You are in control, lowering and raising the roller shields at the touch of a button to create the exact light or shade you desire.  At Roll Shutter Systems our shutters are filled with a durable polyurethane foam core to further boost insulation and save you money on your energy bills while keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Roller shields are easily installed on the exterior of your property and roll up completely out of sight, blending in with the aesthetic of your home.  The electric motor is fully contained within the axle so that it is concealed and the shutter system does not detract from the style and architecture of your home.

These easy to use custom built roller shields require no maintenance, delivering years of trouble-free service.  And they come in a wide range of decorator shades for you to choose from.  Select from manual, electrical and wireless operating systems, or include the shutters within an existing home automation system.  It’s that easy to ensure your home or business is secure and protected!

Technology, innovation, experience, selection, and personalized service sets Roll Shutter Systems apart and makes us the leading manufacturer and supplier of roll shutters and components.

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